Product Update: FAME 2021


As you might have heard, we are working on a completely new redesign for FAME, as we have been growing our number of users every year, it is important that FAME not only supports them but to nurture students’ knowledge. Here are some of the main features our engineers and designers have been working on, including some sneak previews for you to see what FAME will look like.

New database design

New Database. All our data is currently being migrated to faster databases. During the migration, the data has been cleaned from any excess data.

Special characters compatibility

Special characters compatibiility and support. The new database now supports special characters, this is particularly helpful for our students in Latin American countries, and European countries as well. Where their names and language have special characters, such as accents, tildes, dieresis, and more.

New servers

We have moved FAME to new servers from the beginning of 2021, these servers are 80% faster, meaning that when the user clicks, they will see results swiftly.

New users view

The new users view has been fully redesigned, not only on the database and backend, but also on the frontend, UX and UI. The page loads in less than 1 second, and designed to perform all of your users data on one single page, with increased search technologies to quickly find your users.


Course library

The FAME course library now includes a table of contents, with categories on software, teacher, software, or hardware. All programmed with indexing DB, meaning that the users can browse and find relevant courses in no time.


Student desktop

Following the new layout, the student desktop has been redesigned to fit our new guidelines of databases and usability. The biggest improvement is on the one hand, the speed on how teachers assign courses to their students. And on the other hand, students quiet desktops to focus on their learning.

When will FAME 2021 be released?

We are estimating to have our first release to beta testing in August 2021. If you or your institution is interested, please contact us to put you on the beta testers list and add you as a contributor.

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