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Product update:  A new functionality for institutions to create and upload their own courses within FAME.

Country: Canada

Product update:

Institutions are now able to create and upload their own courses within FAME and take advantage of the entire ecosystem and global student body.

FAME has been categorized for its simplicity of use, accessibility and visual interface;  making it a simple, fun and safe learning environment.

New create My Course menu

A new set up menus on the bottom left of the screen will present the functionality of course creation.  These menus follow the same design that our internal instructional staff use to create the FAME courses.

Course library

Starting with the course library menu,  instructional curriculum developers can now create courses based on pedagogical outcomes, defining the skills and the materials their learners need to successfully complete the course.


Lessons and Media

The lessons and media menu offers the functionality where the learning is broken down into micro learning sessions. These lessons are accompanied by Videos, Assignments, Student Library assets and more.   The simple course creation interface with drag and drop functionality is easy for every teacher to use.


Rubrics and Criterion

Rubrics and criterion are seamlessly built in as part of the creation of each course. These assessment tools allow your institution to standardize grades across your faculty. More importantly, it will allow your learners to understand the required assessment criteria for each lesson that will set them for success.

Grading Scales

FAME allows your administrators to set the grading scales for your organization, to maintain the quality control and required standards from your country, state or province's Ministry of Education.   Once the grading scales are set, your teachers will be able to follow your standards.

"Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners"


"Align your content to stay compliant"

Curriculum mapping and alignment

Curriculum alignment is where your courses need to meet certain standards from your organization, country, state of province.  These ensure that every course your learner takes, they will meet with the learning outcomes that are expected.   

Many organizations have independent course outcomes and do not report to any other body.  At the same time, there are many organizations that will have to align their learning outcomes to their accrediting bodies.   With this functionality, FAME ensures that you can map and align your courses and stay compliant.   The curriculum alignment stays centralized within your FAME account, making it easy for your faculty to use and reuse.

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