Ever-Expanding Original Animation Opportunities on Streaming Services

As an entertainment medium, animation has long since proven itself to appeal across demographics, no longer assigned strictly to the children’s section. 

As we are presently still living in the early days of streaming services, we are seeing more and more animated productions expanding in output and audience reach, broadening its market.

2018 has seen a literal plethora of new animated shows for streaming services. One can also multiply that plethora by the number of services and get an idea of the amount of work needed to produce the animation. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are now among the biggest providers of delivering such entertainment. Disney, with not only its stable of classics but its Marvel and Star Wars properties, are also set to establish a streaming service by 2019. Apple is forecast to get into the act, with reportedly many yet-to-be realized shows at the ready.

Studios constantly require artists disciplined in 2D Animation and 3D Animation

Netflix alone has debuted shows like Matt Groening’s Disenchanted to positive reviews (concurrently to his perennial success The Simpsons, in its 28th season on network TV).

In Vancouver, home of FAME, local studios constantly require artists disciplined in 2D Animation and 3D Animation, a need that come as a demand with the growing animation production for streaming services. Local Bardel Entertainment has long since provided animation services for the likes of Disney, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks, to name a few of the major studios. It recently debuted The Dragon Prince, a 3D animated epic fantasy fan favourite created for Netflix.

Across town, viewers have fallen in love with another Netflix original: the charming 2D animated Hilda, based on the popular graphic novel series by Luke Pearson and animated by Vancouver’s Atomic Cartoons and Mercury Filmworks.

Of course, creation of shows for streaming does not mean the slowing-down of Vancouver’s continual broadcast animation and feature animation film production. There remain worlds of opportunities for the animation graduate.

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