Alpha Testing FAME 2022


We continue to make progress on the development of the new FAME 2022 platform. This is a major release in which FAME is being redone from scratch. Meaning, that all aspects including servers, databases, and modules are being programmed on a new language.

15 Major Modules

There are 15 major modules which are the core of FAME, all modules are completed with new code. Our engineers are working on the 2nd and 3rd level details of each module as well as interconnecting the functionality between them.

Internal Alpha Testing

The internal alpha testing officially started on early August, and we continue to test new modules that are being released.

The following is a list of modules entering internal alpha testing.

Organizations and parents



Course Management

My courses


Billing Plans


Submitted Assignments

Coupons Redeem


Course library

Quizzes VUE

Playlist functionality

Users’ emails

Lists remaining - 10 - 1st pass

Lists remaining - 23 - 2nd pass standardizes all lists functions

Lists remaining - 3rd pass using VUE for the detail page

Additional Modules in Alpha Testing


Video Thumbnails


User registration, onboarding, PHP Mailer 6.5

Student Desktop

Privacy Settings

Swift Mailer

What is alpha testing?

Alpha testing is the process in which we test internally the functionality of new software. At FAME, there are currently 2 alpha testers and will expand to 5 alpha testers within a few weeks.


Beta Testing

What is beta testing?

Beta testing is the process in which select external users will have access to the new FAME platform.

When will beta testing begins?

Beta testing will begin once our alpha testing is complete. We need to ensure that all modules basic functionality is working and tested internally for rapid prototyping and development. A date for Beta testing is not set. However, we estimate it will commence Fall 2021.

How will beta test users be selected?

We will give priority to our existing customers who want to be part of the beta testing phase. It is important that the new FAME version is used in real life environments, so our engineers can address issues on a priority-based methodology. A call for beta testing will be posted in the near future.

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