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Personalized learning is instruction that offers pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments to meet the individual student's needs. The experience is tailored to learning preferences and the specific interests of different learners.

Administering & Monitoring

A collection of tools to administer and monitor your student body including groups, courses and assessments; serving as administration tools for institutions and teachers.

Talent & Retention

Let FAME support your institution before and after your students arrive. Use FAME to recruit top-quality students to your programs; and continue to use FAME to support students during their studies to ensure top-quality graduates.


Your educational institution, faculty and student body will gain a true global cultural experience by digitally interacting with other art students and faculty in more than 20 countries. Learn and share cultural artistic ideas unique to each individual, to enhance the learning experience.

 Ubiquitous Learning 

 Access 24/7 from any device: 
 Smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop. 
 Iphone, Android, Windows & Mac 

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