Drive better ranking for your
Institution's STEAM programs

We help schools to implement extraordinary STEAM programs in less than 1 week, reducing their course development costs by 88% and time by 91%.

Simple, effortless and available to all.

Step by step video: Take your institution online in 30 mins.


Instructional Content

Take control of your class by defining your own playlists, workload hours and academic credits.  Guide your students to follow your lead and advancing at the pace that you set.

Content Aligned
to Standards

FAME allows its curriculum to be aligned to the learning standards that your each of your institutions follow.

Ensuring that students have the opportunity to access the content and skills outlined in those standards in a coherent education system.


Teacher Professional

We help schools and districts to keep their teachers up to date by running specialized professional development days multiple times per year,  accelerating their teachers knowledge acquisition, improving their confidence and enhancing their course delivery.

Attract and Recruit Quality-Students


Student Recruitment:
Talent Discovery

  • Distribute licences as part of your recruiting channels
 (Domestic and Abroad).
  • Attract & Engage Talent to Increase your school ranking
  • Increase your funding & revenue

Current Students:
Retention & Engagement

  • Extension work: The ideal opportunity to engage the student in challenging learning activities
  • Remedial work: Close the gap between what a student knows and what he's expected to know
  • Dual Academic credentials. Your Institution + FAME

Nurturing & Memberships

  • Stay in touch with your alumni
  • Leave a legacy that continues to contribute to the life of your Institution
  • Encourage life long learning
  • Create a membership program

Shared Revenue

Our FAME shared-revenue model helps schools to be discovered increasing their recruitment activities and enrolment rates, creating new  streams for sustainabilty and long term learning.


Private Schools
For Profit

  • Create new revenue streams
  • Stay competitive by offering Art & Tech programs

Public Schools
Not for profit

  • Receive additional funding with Full time enrollments (FTE)
  • Apply to grants supporting STEAM education and the jobs of the future

Safety and

FAME allows School Administrators to ajdust a variety of privacy settings for their schools and districts fostering a safe learning environment.

Types of Schools we work with.

Providing creative continuity while following the learner'sprogress from Elementary level, to High-school level, to University level.

Brick and Mortar Schools

Charter Schools

Special Education Schools

Distributed Learning Schools

Blended Schools

Public Schools

Independent Schools

Home Learning Schools

IB Schools

Private Schools

Not for Profit Schools

Online Schools

Top Challenges We Help Solve in Schools

Challenges FAME Solutions

Developing, designing and implementing an education technology curriculum is no easy task Always up to date curricula developed by subject matter experts, aligned to the schools learning outcomes

The pressure to become digital experts Lesson plan development + Priority 1 on 1 Teacher Support

In practice, many teachers struggle Teachers and student assistance in a variety of classroom settings + Priority 1:1 teacher support

Teachers need more professional development Professional development certifications, on-boarding and on- going training, online and face to face

Schools need to protect students (digital citizenship) Safety and compliance, FERPA, PIPA, PIPEDA, fostering a safe learning environment

Lack of adequate ICT support, infrastructure, or time Digital Classroom Setup advice + priority support

How FAME works with Moodle

Watch video (3 min)

We’re invested in the success of every institution using FAME

1-on-1 support from real humans who love helping art & tech teachers succeed.

When you join FAME, you'll be presented with our additional support packages that include pedagogy, curriculum mapping, lesson plan development, student assistance and more, we act as true partners to your team.

Phone Support

Email Support

Video Call Support

How to implement FAME at your institution

As part of your curriculum

We map our FAME course learning outcomes and pedagogy to meet your institution, state and country curriculum outcomes and requirements.

As extra-curricular activities

Engage your students in continuing education courses, after school camps and enrichment programs for their personal development.

How to use FAME for your Students

Extension Work

Your gifted students can follow courses from Subject Matter Experts.

Remedial Work

For your students who need more time to understand and absorb knowledge.

How to use FAME as a Teacher

100% Control

Monitor every step of your student progress including courses, sequence, credits & manual grading.

FAME Guidance

Let FAME guide your student with course pre-requisites, quizzes and more.

Schools: Get Instant Access to FAME

Higher education for Digital Arts and Technology (STEAM)

Choose Your Plan and Get Started.

Prices in USD

Pay as you go

$29 per student per month
  • Flexibility for small schools
  • and short term courses

FAME Partner Schools

$4.99 per student per month
  • Unlimited access to the entire
  • FAME ecosystem
  • with a simple subscription.
  • Includes 100 licenses to grow your
  • institution, discovery, recruitment,
  • engagement and retention.
  • Private partner schools participate
  • in revenue sharing models
  • Public schools can register FTE
  • students to receive funding.


  • Volume pricing for
  • multiple schools.
  • Everybody benefits.

Choose Your Plan and Get Started.
(Prices in USD)

Additional Mandatory Fees

FAME Pedagogical Technical Support per location


FAME Administrator Certification Valid for 2 years


FAME Teacher Specialized Certification Valid for 2 years


FAME Student Certification Student completion accredited Official Transcripts and Certification

$199 plus shipping

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Getting Started with FAME

Get to know what all the buzz is about, and schedule a personal demonstration of FAME and what it can do for your institution, your faculty and your students.

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