How FAME works with your Community

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Community &
Social Work

Offer Art and Technology classes to your community members of all ages and skills levels while increasing your community engagement through the arts.


The Purpose of FAME
in your Community


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  To make available a digital library for art and technology education

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  To provide a flexible space to support learning and teaching throughout your community

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  To have a vibrant role in the development of a culture

FAME Social Responsibility


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  Promote art and technology education motivating your community members

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  Provide a place for collaborative learning, creativity and competency skills

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  Develop learners for life to nurture your local community





  1. Acquire a FAME subscription for your community
  2. Provide your branded online access point to your members
  3. Your members can access FAME anytime from any device and any location

Workshops with your Staff and Equipment

  1. Acquire a number of FAME floating seats for your community
  2. Train your staff within FAME to be certified before the workshop
  3. Run an on-site workshop paired with your community values
  4. Use your staff to conduct and monitor the workshop

FAME Camps
Workshops with FAME Staff and Equipment

  1. Your community promotes the FAME workshop
  2. FAME staff will run the workshop
  3. Establish an annual calendar with FAME workshops

We've got Your Back

1-on-1 support from real humans who love helping art teachers succeed

We’re invested in the success of every institution using FAME.
When you join FAME, we act as true partners to your team.

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Getting Started with FAME

Get to know what all the buzz is about, and schedule a personal demonstration of FAME and what it can do for your institution, your faculty and your students.

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