FAME the A in STEAM, supports schools with Art & Technology online courses during COVID-19

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Due to the increased number of schools looking for online resources, FAME is announcing that will support teachers and their students in Grade 4 - 12, Colleges and Universities during these difficult times, and to help their education to not be interrupted.

All subjects

While we focus on Art & Technology subjects, we are allowing schools to create their own courses with their own subjects (i.e. biology, chemistry, etc.) to take advantage of the FAME global community.  Institutions can choose to keep their courses private or share them with the world in a safe learning environment.

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For new schools and teachers that are not currently FAME members, we will extend the FAME free trial from 14 days to 90 days and will increase the number of allowed students from 30 to 500 per school until May 31st or until your students return to your schools.

This will allow teachers and their students to continue their education and fulfill their course requirements during these times of uncertainty at no additional cost.

Safe Learning Environment

Please note that our servers are located in Canada, and your data will be stored in Canada as well. FAME is fully compliant with FERPA, PIPA and PIPEDA and your users own their data.

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