Empowering people with disability through technology


Ian Yeung

Technical & Training Coordinator at RCD

Type:  Not for profit organization

Country: Colombia


The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) is not-for-profit, disability-led and community-based, providing service to entire communities on disability issues.

Please describe your role, what do you do?

I provide training sessions to our participants as well as for staff regarding technology. I am also the network administrator of RCD.

"With FAME I was able to offer diversity and inclusion"


What were your main challenges before using FAME?

The diversity of interest from our participants was the main challenge. With FAME I was able to provide this diversity where it is easily accessible online.

Some of our participants went into digital photography, some focused on drawing foundation, and some studied computer animation through FAME.  My role was to assign the right courses to the right participants.

What was the motivation to use FAME?

FAME was able to provide courses to our participants we normally couldn’t. The wealth of information from FAME was good for both our participants and staff.  The user interface was easy to understand and both participants and instructors had a fun time using it.

What was the criteria you used when making the decision to become a FAME partner?

Cost was a major concern for all our subscription based services.  FAME is set at a reasonable price for non-profits.

"I am also able to conduct study groups by using FAME"


How has the experience been of being part of our FAME Partner Network?

It has been a valuable learning experience for us and for our learners it has been extremely positive overall.


How has FAME helped you to address your challenges?

FAME addressed my challenges by providing a learning platform for our participants.  I am also able to conduct study groups by using FAME.

How has FAME impacted your success?

FAME directly impacted our participants by providing an easy to understand platform for learning.  RCD staff were able to focus on our participants instead of the training material.

It was an efficient learning model for both participants and service providers.

What do you love about your job? Your company?

I work with people with disability and I feel good when I empower them through technology.

"RCD staff were able to focus on our participants instead of the training material"


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