Ebus brings a mix of creative and engaging courses for their students


Shannon Himmelright

Senior Electives Teacher

Type: EBUS Academy is a public distributed learning school for learners from kindergarten to adults.

Country: Canada


EBUS Academy is the oldest and one of the largest distributed learning schools in the province. We currently enroll over 1000 grade K – 12 and adult learners from around the province. We have a well-developed and proven formula for helping students achieve their academic goals.

Please describe your role, what do you do?

I develop and teach online electives courses tailored for grade 10-12 students.


What were your main challenges before using FAME?

Prior to FAME, there was not enough time for developing new courses. 


What was the motivation to use FAME?

FAME offered an immediate solution that allowed us to offer more course choices to our students. 

What was the criteria you used when making the decision to become a FAME partner?

FAME allows the teacher to be in charge of the assessment.  The pricing is reasonable, and students can enrol in the elementary years and continue through the modules while their evidence of learning is collected over time.  

"FAME offered an immediate solution that allowed us to offer more course choices to our students"


How has the experience been of being part of our FAME Partner Network?

Excellent service.  Quick to respond.  Solutions for challenges are offered and resolved promptly. 


How has FAME helped you to address your challenges?

FAME has allowed us to use its existing platform with content, and bank of resources to offer more course choices to our learners.

How has FAME impacted your success?

It is clear that FAME offers a student-centered approach to learning.  It encourages social interactions, support and feedback within the platform for learners to seek guidance, assist others, and offer feedback to peers, and other FAME users. 

How do you measure the value FAME provides?

We measure the value in the feedback offered by our learners.  Are they engaged in the course, are they supported, and are they challenged in a safe, flexible and creative space? These are indicators that we use to value success and FAME aligns with our values.


"The mix of creative and engaging courses in a safe and flexible learning environment"

What do you love about your job? Your company?

I love the mix of creative and engaging courses I teach.  I also love the autonomy, while also being part of a team. 

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